If you were to ask me what 'Uncle Vanya' is about, I would say about as much as I can take.”

— review of Chekhov's play, one of the greatest ever written

PRESS for Enquiry Concerning Hereafter

Preview feature in The Scotsman, June 24, 2023


Audience reviews only of Visiting Cezanne at the 2022 Edinburgh Fringe Festival can be seen at this link.

 “Explores what represents failure and success for artists. How ‘failing’ can actually give us something to learn from.”
          Smuggler Spirits, Ten Shows to see at the Fringe, review of Visiting Cezanne at 2022 Edinburgh Fringe Festival

 “‘Always a moment of dread when I approach an empty canvas.’ Cezanne’s statement could be applied to the characters' feelings about life." 
          The Reviews Hub - Scotland, review of Visiting Cezanne at 2022 Edinburgh Fringe Festival

 ★★ ★ “Quite a nice little ending.”
          Sinners Review, review of Visiting Cezanne at 2022 Edinburgh Fringe Festival

 "Life is never quite what you expect it to be. Sometimes it’s disappointing, and sometimes things come together quite nicely. Often it is about one’s attitude and approach to life. Each character has something to learn in Visiting Cezanne. And each comes away changed for the better." 
        -- review of March 2019 production of Visiting Cezanne at Burien Actors Theatre

Feature on Duane and his play Visiting Cezanne, in French-language magazine Le Mag’ (Spring 2019, pages 22-23)

"If you like art, and have a special fondness for Impressionism, Post-Impressionism and early modern art, it is definitely a play to see."
        -- review of March 2018  production of Visiting Cezanne at 18th & Union Arts Space

 "A gem of a play. Escorting Tom takes the audience on a thoughtful journey through unusual circumstances, but doesn’t give away the ending. Duane Kelly treats the lives of his characters with a compassionate, but not soft, hand and with an intelligent sense of humor. There are layers revealed as the play progresses which provide depth to the story in a skillful way."
        -- review of April 2017 production of Escorting Tom at Burien Actors Theatre

"You feel compelled to find out what's going to happen next, as unlikely as it all might be."
        -- review of March 2017 production of Das Ende at 18th & Union Arts Space