My new play Enquiry Concerning Hereafter is flourishing in 2023 with two productions. Edinburgh Business School is producing the world premiere, as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Our stage is in Panmure House, where Adam Smith resided in his later years, and where he died. There will be 21 performances, from August 4-27. Tickets can be purchased here.

And then there is a radio play version being produced by AdamSmithWorks, an international academic organization dedicated to all things Adam Smith. The radio play will be released on that organization's website in August, at the same time as the stage play opens in Edinburgh. 

The Scottish philosophers David Hume and Adam Smith were giants of the Enlightenment. They were also the dearest of friends who stimulated, challenged, loved, pushed, and supported each other as they forged their profound ideas that still very much shape our world today. Enquiry Concerning Hereafter is the story of Hume and Smith’s final days. They grieve because old age and disease are separating them. Charon arrives to ferry them across the river Styx.

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