Adam Smith and David Hume on Stage

The world premiere of my play Enquiry Concerning Hereafter runs August 4-27 for 21 performances, as part of the Edinburgh Fringe, the world's largest theatre festival. Producing Enquiry is Panmure House, an international academic institution centered on the wide range of ideas of and about Adam Smith, in his time and ours. A remarkable aspect of this production is that it is being staged at Panmure House, where Adam Smith actually lived his last twelve years, and where he passed away. The show programme is available here. Tickets are available via the QR code above or at this link

Also a radio play version of Enquiry Concerning Hereafter was recently produced and released by AdamSmithWorks. The radio play can be accessed here. Christy Horpedahl of AdamSmithWorks interviewed Michelle Blackmon, director of the radio play, about the process of creating the radio version; watch here. 

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