Road Reveal #2 (New York)

$12.85 for a pack of cigarettes!  I’m pretty jaded by high prices for everything when I visit New York but this window placard for Newport cigarettes got me to stop last month.

And ponder.  $12.85 a pack comes out to 64¢ a cigarette.  My memory may be foggy here but I recall paying around 50¢ a pack when I quit smoking (at my concerned stepson’s request – Thank you, Cyle) some 35 years ago.  I also remember – this would be going further back to my college years – a $10 price for a baggie of alternative smoking material.  If one took care in hand-crafting cigarettes from the bag’s contents (judicious stem removal figured into this), I’m pretty sure you could get at least 20 joints out of one bag.  I have no idea what cannabis goes for today but it’s conceivable that a sharp buyer in New York can now buy that illegal substance (bail money not included) for less than legal tobacco.  Who would have thunk?

At any rate, besides my lungs and heart appreciating that I quit smoking, I am now patting myself on the back (and without coughing) for the small financial fortune I’ve saved.  Smoking has become one expensive bad habit.

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  1. Jeff Mandels says:


    When I was in the army in 67/69, I would buy a carton (10 packs) of cigarettes with no tax at the PX for $1.90.

    I forced myself to quit twenty-nine (29) years ago. It killed my dad at age forty-nine, but when you start at age sixteen you figure, “I can smoke. I have at least a hundred years ahead of me.”

  2. Duane Kelly says:

    Ah, youth’s presumption of immortality. Good for you, Jeff! I’m so glad I quit too.

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