“Inspiration is for amateurs.”

-Chuck Close

A book with three of Duane’s plays has been published.  To purchase, click Three Plays.

Can a dying mother arrange for the future lives of husband and daughter to be just so?  Iris thought so, until her rebel sister shows up and everyone refuses to cooperate.  What’s a mother to do?

FUTURE IMPERFECT         a hilarious comedy set in Italy
After Momma’s death, separation has turned into disintegration for Theo’s family.  Can they find a way to reunite as they converge in Italy to scatter Momma’s ashes?  Only if they first tame a tyrannical housekeeper, disarm an Italian policeman and avoid arrest for pornography.  Their future hangs in the balance. 

There was a time when Harry’s coffee farm, and the make-shift family he’d built there, offered the freedom and peace he sought. But with the farm falling into bankruptcy and the ghosts of his past closing in like the bars of a cage, Harry finds his only hope is the very person he came to Costa Rica to escape: himself.