Failure, Thy Name is Art

If you don’t possess perseverance in large measure, forget about being an artist. That was my subject in last week’s post. The reason perseverance is so necessary is because failure is so common. This week I look at the failure side of that uneasy relationship. Did you know that there […] Continue reading »

The Secret of All Triumphs

That’s what writer Victor Hugo called perseverance. Next week I will be a beneficiary of that principle as I enjoy Nabucco, Giuseppe Verdi’s opera about the defeat and exile of the Jews by the Babylonian king (English name, Nebuchadnezzar). While I’ve had the pleasure of seeing many Verdi operas, this will […] Continue reading »

The Never-Say-Die Appeal of Live Art

The making of theatre starts with a blank piece of paper (well okay, maybe a computer screen). Then someone corrupts that virginal document by putting words on it. In the rare event that all goes well, those words will eventually be spoken on a stage by actors dressed up in […] Continue reading »

Interview with Lyricist Tim Rice

The theatrical lyricist Tim Rice, aka Sir Timothy Rice, recently gave a candid interview to the New York stage producer Ken Davenport. Davenport, who maintains a hyperactive Web and social media presence, posted a podcast of the 36-minute interview on his website and blog, The Producer’s Perspective. At the beginning […] Continue reading »