Seattle Writer Returns All the Way to Broadway

It may have taken 21 years but esteemed Seattle writer Robert Schenkkan has returned to Broadway. He was last represented on the Great White Way by his Pulitzer Prize-winning play The Kentucky Cycle in 1993. His new play is All the Way, currently in previews at the Neil Simon Theatre. […] Continue reading »

The Domino Theory of Storytelling

As a playwright I hold narrative in supremely high regard. Every storyteller does, even if that regard is more instinctive than intellectual. (I’ve written before about the importance of narrative.) Narrative is simply cause and effect. Falling dominoes is one image that comes to me when thinking about this. “A” […] Continue reading »

From Page to Stage

Few things are less dramatic than watching dramatic writing being created. All the battles are fought inside the author’s skull, an opaque battlefield (sometimes opaque even to the writer). The phrase “watching grass grow” does not rise to the occasion. The writing process does gain visibility as action shifts from […] Continue reading »