Passion vs. Calculation

“What play are you working on?” my longtime friend Michael asked me over breakfast last week. After I described the three scripts currently in various stages of rewriting, he, being the veteran business exec, then asked, “What are their prospects for being produced and you making some money from this?” He […] Continue reading »

American Dream Tilts toward Despair

Art reflects the interior life, concerns and obsessions of its creator. We can think of that interior as the molten magma under the earth’s surface with art being the volcanoes, geysers and earthquakes thrust up by that magma. The interior life powers those aesthetically organized disruptions that we deem art. […] Continue reading »

Plays by Women are Missing on Stage

Less than a fourth of the plays produced at regional theatres in the U.S. have been written by women. Hmm. A number that I trust will be less surprising is 51% of the U.S. population is female. That difference represents a discrepancy that the Dramatists Guild (the national organization of […] Continue reading »

Tips on Writing Musicals

Playwrights come to their profession from diverse vectors. Acting is one common breeding ground. Literature of other stripes can be found on the resumes of many playwrights. The borders between novel-writing, short story-writing, penning scripts for television and movies, and poetry are frequently crisscrossed – no passport required. Playwright and […] Continue reading »

Failure, Thy Name is Art

If you don’t possess perseverance in large measure, forget about being an artist. That was my subject in last week’s post. The reason perseverance is so necessary is because failure is so common. This week I look at the failure side of that uneasy relationship. Did you know that there […] Continue reading »