Bar Serves Double Despair on the Rocks

Horace and Pete, a new web series from Louis C.K., represents a novel hybrid of dramatic storytelling. As its creator and impresario, as well as writer, director and star, the multi-hyphenated Louis C.K. has carved out a new genre by drawing on cable series, multi-camera television sitcoms, and, most of […] Continue reading »

Age, Creativity, and Rothschild’s Clock

One of the Lord Rothschilds in the 19th century is reputed to have had a clock that declared “One hour nearer death” as it struck each hour. Such a clock has been an everpresent fixture in my mental drawing room, perhaps due to my father’s early death, perhaps because that’s […] Continue reading »

Luck in Poker, the Arts and Life

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.” Well, maybe yes, maybe no. The debate as to what portion luck and what portion skill contribute to success expanded recently with a new book, The Perfect Bet: How Science and Math Are Taking the Luck Out of […] Continue reading »

Passion vs. Calculation

“What play are you working on?” my longtime friend Michael asked me over breakfast last week. After I described the three scripts currently in various stages of rewriting, he, being the veteran business exec, then asked, “What are their prospects for being produced and you making some money from this?” He […] Continue reading »

American Dream Tilts toward Despair

Art reflects the interior life, concerns and obsessions of its creator. We can think of that interior as the molten magma under the earth’s surface with art being the volcanoes, geysers and earthquakes thrust up by that magma. The interior life powers those aesthetically organized disruptions that we deem art. […] Continue reading »