Separating Art from the Artist

If the estimation of art depended on the personal behavior of those who create it, the world’s artistic heritage would be vastly reduced. We value art for its ability to stimulate us intellectually, move us emotionally, delight us aesthetically; not because its creator is a paragon of virtue. Indeed, many […] Continue reading »

Racism at Mid-Century

Producing a musical is a summer tradition at the Guthrie, a leading nonprofit theatre in Minneapolis. South Pacific, which just happens to be my favorite musical, was this summer’s offering and I had the pleasure of catching four performances last weekend. It wasn’t happenstance that I was in Minneapolis. My […] Continue reading »

Unsteered Boats

“Fortune brings in some boats that are not steered.” I enjoyed that line, expressed with Shakespeare’s characteristic pith and poetry, spoken by an actor last weekend during an outdoor performance of the play Cymbeline. Hearing that nugget from Shakespeare was timely – dare I say lucky – given that I […] Continue reading »