Designing a World for Cezanne

A play fully exists only when live actors are sharing a story with a live audience. To “make” theatre requires a small village and one of the principal residents of that village is the set designer. She creates the three-dimensional story-world the actors inhabit. Last fall artist and designer Amelia […] Continue reading »

Friends Help Friends Create Art

In our species’ rumination on art, perhaps the oldest question is where does the darned stuff come from. I can well imagine our Paleolithic ancestors scratching their heads over that when they peered at cave art as long ago as 30,000 years. Many millennia later the classical era came up with the Muses as […] Continue reading »

Script Pages Magically Turn for Harry Potter

Of the two million copies of the playscript Harry Potter and the Cursed Child that sold in the first two days, one landed on my desk. Since the typical first print run of a new play by a prominent author is 5,000, I felt duty-bound to see what all the […] Continue reading »

Harry Potter Enchants the Stage

I would wager a small fortune, and a Ministry Time-Turner were such a nifty device in my possession, that now unfolding is a phenomenon never to be seen again in my lifetime. The best-selling book in the world just now is no literary novel or bodice-ripping page-turner; it’s not biography, scandalous […] Continue reading »

Luck Be a Lady Tonight

Luck vs. self-determination is not a subject that consumed me during a career as an entrepreneur. I was a busy guy and what was there to think about anyway? I knew I was smart, hard-working, good with people, more comfortable with risk than most people, and blazing my own trail. […] Continue reading »

A Stage Director Says ‘Let’s Go!’

Attention should be paid to stage directors by theatre artists of every stripe. The enjoyment of audience members can also be enriched by knowing more about directors’ alchemy. There are a number of reasons I occasionally shine a spotlight on directors in this blog. First off, by paying attention we […] Continue reading »

Luck in Poker, the Arts and Life

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.” Well, maybe yes, maybe no. The debate as to what portion luck and what portion skill contribute to success expanded recently with a new book, The Perfect Bet: How Science and Math Are Taking the Luck Out of […] Continue reading »