The Iceman Weareth

I have yet to put a prehistoric person in a play but if ever I do I will certainly urge the costume designer to study the research about Otzi the Iceman. Found in 1991 in a glacier in the Italian Otztal Alps (whence his name), Otzi (rhymes with Tootsie) is the best preserved prehistoric man […] Continue reading »

An Ocean Separates U.S. and Europe

Carpe diem and save for a rainy diem? That highly social, highly verbal, hierarchical and bipedal primate known as Homo sapiens holds dear a number of principles that when examined closely are found to be in conflict. Justice/mercy, fate/self-determination, freedom/security are three binaries that come immediately to mind. While gabbing over […] Continue reading »

Meaning in a Cave’s Shadows

They are we. That may be the most profound and moving insight that strikes the viewer of prehistoric cave art in France in Spain. Thirty thousand years ago they were our genetic and, it would certainly appear, our aesthetic forebears. (Last week I wrote about the Chauvet and Lascaux caves.) […] Continue reading »

Trees Leading to Awe

For someone with a secular bent but spiritual yearning, someone, say, like me, the Olympic Rain Forest on the large peninsula between Seattle and the Pacific Ocean is an evocative place to visit and perhaps catch a glimpse of God. The lush rain forest holds spaces that are like sacred groves protected by moss-clothed […] Continue reading »