Original Glimpses at Originality

Any book reporting on originality in human conduct is likely to attract the attention of artists, scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs of all stripes. Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World, written by Adam Grant and published last year, dissects originality using the tools of social science. Grant is on the faculty […] Continue reading »

Two-Headed View of Narrative

When I was majoring in English at the University of Washington in the early 1970s it gave me a quiet satisfaction to discover that the English Department was situated within the College of Arts and Sciences. I was pleased that in the university’s cosmology Shakespeare (1564-1616) was orbiting with his […] Continue reading »

The Iceman Weareth

I have yet to put a prehistoric person in a play but if ever I do I will certainly urge the costume designer to study the research about Otzi the Iceman. Found in 1991 in a glacier in the Italian Otztal Alps (whence his name), Otzi (rhymes with Tootsie) is the best preserved prehistoric man […] Continue reading »

Learned Helplessness

In recent years, without making a conscious decision to do so, I had stopped submitting my scripts to theaters, development opportunities and contests. Even though I had continued to write, that wasn’t anything to brag about since not submitting is the theatre world-equivalent of giving up and dying. Last winter, […] Continue reading »