Friends Help Friends Create Art

In our species’ rumination on art, perhaps the oldest question is where does the darned stuff come from. I can well imagine our Paleolithic ancestors scratching their heads over that when they peered at cave art as long ago as 30,000 years. Many millennia later the classical era came up with the Muses as […] Continue reading »

Separating Art from the Artist

If the estimation of art depended on the personal behavior of those who create it, the world’s artistic heritage would be vastly reduced. We value art for its ability to stimulate us intellectually, move us emotionally, delight us aesthetically; not because its creator is a paragon of virtue. Indeed, many […] Continue reading »

Luck Be a Lady Tonight

Luck vs. self-determination is not a subject that consumed me during a career as an entrepreneur. I was a busy guy and what was there to think about anyway? I knew I was smart, hard-working, good with people, more comfortable with risk than most people, and blazing my own trail. […] Continue reading »

Age, Creativity, and Rothschild’s Clock

One of the Lord Rothschilds in the 19th century is reputed to have had a clock that declared “One hour nearer death” as it struck each hour. Such a clock has been an everpresent fixture in my mental drawing room, perhaps due to my father’s early death, perhaps because that’s […] Continue reading »

Plays by Women are Missing on Stage

Less than a fourth of the plays produced at regional theatres in the U.S. have been written by women. Hmm. A number that I trust will be less surprising is 51% of the U.S. population is female. That difference represents a discrepancy that the Dramatists Guild (the national organization of […] Continue reading »