Cartoon Tomfoolery (#573)

You are invited to play this quick minor league-version of The New Yorker Caption Contest.

‘New Yorker’ drawing by P.C. Vey (contest 573)

Every week I enter the magazine’s contest, using it as a comic writing exercise. Below are five captions. Three are the magazine’s semifinal selections, one is the winner, and two are mine. See if you can guess which are which.

A.  “The doctor says I have only three months to party.”
B.  “I was just transferred to the fraternity ward.”
C.  “It’s a new microbrew with low yeast count.”
D.  “Medical license? No, but he has a liquor license.”
E.  “The nurse dropped off a six-pack of saline solution.”

This cartoon is the property of The New Yorker. I devour every issue of the magazine and consider it “must” reading for writers and those who appreciate good writing.

Answers:  B winner, C & E Duane’s captions, C Duane’s submission

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